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I rate films. 2004 (oct-dec) - peace_dish

Feb. 23rd, 2007 09:42 pm I rate films. 2004 (oct-dec)

Resident Evil 2 A remake of the original would have been more exciting.

Mr. 3000 Might be of some interest to aged baseball players- I don't know.

Wimbledon Cool opening. Some tennis scenes are pretty impressive, but overall it's not. Average romantic comedy, I think.

Shark Tale Great attention to details! I think it's a bad mix of slapstick and adult humor to be completely enjoyable. Cool animation!

Sky Captain An excellent date movie. With help of your own imagination to fill some holes this movie can take you on quite a ride. Very enjoyable ending.

The Forgotten Completely unrewarding. I felt no sympathy for characters, not impressed with the plot. Amusingly bad.

I Heart Huckabees Very unusual directing choices pay off after the movie is finished. Decisively slightly bad acting (Jason Schwartzman) makes movie look like a fairy tale with a message(s).

Therese Good movie to study bad acting, otherwise the story may appeal to St. Therese's devotees or whatever.

Team America Very well made movie. Funny for some offensive for others.

The Grudge Very original I think. The director makes all normal life settings look scary. It's not so much good as it is fun (and set in Japan!).

Saw Disturbing,bad taste,but Interesting (for some all these could be good qualities).

Ladder 49 It's a good movie if you already saw better ones.

Shall We Dance A lot of laughs in a theater(filled with "older" people). I might enjoy this movie more when I'm 40 or 50 and still live in US.

Ray Great Cinematography and performance by Jamie Foxx. Well put together film, I enjoyed it, but doubt I'll want to watch it again.

Birth I thought N.Kidman looked fantastic, but not the best acting job(she didn't look very "confident" in some scenes). First 10 min were pretty cool(if you pay attention). I thought a man running in a park from one tunnel to another is a cool symbol of life and death. IF you think beyond the story of the movie, than it will make for a good experience. (Reminded me of Ingmar Bergman and Woody Allen dramas and of Six Degrees of Separation)

National Treasure oh well...

Seed of Chucky I liked first 20 minutes.

The Polar Express My pick for the best Animated feature of the year so far. I also liked the score, T.Hanks' multiple roles & voices, and various not-really-part-of-the-story bits :)

Sideways Good movie. It's too bad low-budget good-story movies are not the big-budget ones.

The Incredibles Just like 30-40's & 70's were the golden age of Hollywood movies, now, I think, is the golden age of CGI Animation. A lot of time, money and effort was put into making of Hollywood A-pictures and training of the A-actors of that time. It seems that the same amount of love and care filmmamkers put into CGI now. Funny and cool movie :)

Spongebob Squarepants (I've never seen the Spongebob before) A low budget movie that also seemed like it was made in a hurry to cash in on success of recent sea-related animation films.

I Am David If it's based on a true story then it's worth vieweng. Otherwise- laughable.

Alfie I haven't seen the original yet. (I think I've missed few minutes before the title sequence...) Good looking movie, but it seemed completely pointless to me. I've never seen the credits sequence before that included pictures of the filmmakers- interesting.

Closer Haven't seen a modern movie with such smart dialog in a long time. Great acting, I thought, by Clive Owen and N.Portman.
A pretty sight.

Flight of the Phoenix I loved the original film by cool director Robert Aldrich. Not much of a story was changed for this "update". The purpose of this movie is obviously to ruin the good reputation of American cinema.

Spanglish Good. The movie raises many interesting questions that deal with communication between all people, but doesn't give answers.

Blade: Trinity Too bad I outgrew my desire for senseless action films, but I have nothing against them.

The Life Aquatic I don't get it. At the same time I find it very moving and sad. There is definitely a mask of absurdity put over the story, but I don't know why. Maybe it's a brutal satire of our world. In that case this movie mocks everyone who is laughing at Any point. I'm depressed by it, but not really.

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