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I rate films. 2005 (80) - peace_dish

Feb. 23rd, 2007 10:39 pm I rate films. 2005 (80)

Meet the Fockers Robert De Niro's presence was much more satisfying than in any of his recent movies, including the original Meet the Parents. In overall, good comedy, I thought.

A Series of Unfortunate Events It exceeded my expectations. For me it's a cross between Harry Potter and The Mask, but sometimes I wished it was more of one or the other.

The Phantom of the opera I didn't expect a musical and was a little tired and I don't think it's the best mood to watch a musical. I was still able to sense mediocrity behind the beautiful score.

Finding Neverland It's like a bouquet with bad choice of flowers. (It was weird to see Dustin Hoffman 3 times in one day...)

The Aviator I had a lot of fun. I didn't solve the puzzle of colors, but I think the worse the condition of H.Hughes becomes the more vivid become the colors- whatever. It felt more like a Scorsese picture to me than Gangs of New York and I'm very glad. I enjoy movies that analyze a change in particular person's behavior,condition or way of life rather than simply recreating a period or events. Had it not been directed by M.Scorsese I would have been very impressed. Cate Blanchett was Really impressive.
Too bad it doesn't seem to be making money.
Beyond the Sea Interesting biography, didn't notice anything more than that.

White Noise I thought it was bad until I saw "Darkness".

Darkness This movie was made by a walking tree.

Ocean's 12 I loved this movie more for its style than for anything else. (Reminded me of Band of Outsiders and Godard films in general)

Kinsey Best of both worlds: cinema and true story.
Being Julia There's no fun in it.

Racing Stripes If I try really hard and imagine myself a kid, then I might enjoy the movie. Only I'll be very tired.

Malevolence That's a "Plan 9" of horror films.

House of Flying Daggers It really reminded me of Russian children fantasy movies where everything seems possible.
In addition to that it is very pretty to sit through.

Elektra Some of it is interesting
Hide and Seek I thought it was scary. And a little stupid, but interesting. Robert De Niro with his strong arms managed to keep the movie from falling apart.

Assault on Precinct 13 I loved it!

(The ties of) Coach Carter It's a good quality teen movie and a good quality grown-ups movie at the same time. S. Jackson was surprisingly good in it, so was the subject, the dialog and the look.

Hotel Rwanda It's one of those movies that make for an intersting history lesson or an insight into unfamiliar area, like a foreign country. The Song at the end credits is pretty cool (so was the scene with a tie and the one with journalists leaving).
Constantine It wasn't hard to sit through, but it was more like having a conversation with someone about Matrix, Exorcist, Hellraiser rather than watching an original movie. (this is anti-smoking movie)

The Wedding Date It turned out that there was no reason for me to watch this. Nothing.

Be Cool It was definitely amusing for me and it's definitely a low quality film. It's really like "Scary Movie" of crime genre (only with much bigger stars). The Rock was hilarious.

Million Dollar Baby It feels like it's great (and sincere), but I have trouble figuring out what it is exactly about. I'm sure it's my fault. I'd like to see more "pure" movies like this in the future.
Bride and Prejudice Most of the music was Very cool.

Jacket I hope I'm a better director.

Cursed Just a werewolf movie.

Hitch It was a little great.

Robots A true eye candy. It's an upgraded and animated Frank Capra movie.
Childstar (2004, Canada) It was hard for me to figure out what was the movie about. If it's a good movie then it's badly structured.
Bitter Dream (2004, Iran) It's like a puppy of a movie. You can't get angry at it.

Guess Who It's a good quality commercial comedy.

Hostage Cool opening. Then it very evenly gets worse.

Sin City I Loved everything about it, except few things: killing of cops/guards, too long arrow joke and B. Murphy's casting. I hope that more like it will follow.

My Stepbrother Frankestein (2004, Russia) Here, society has made a Frankenstein. Great idea, but the movie is too long to be great.

Beauty Shop Good comedy. (missed first 5min...)

Sahara This is the kind of movie that goes well with a lot of popcorn.

The Rider Named Death (2004, Russia) I have very mixed feelings about this one...

The Ring 2 I think everyone out of 8-10 people in a theatre was laughing. I liked the very end, though (when she was trying to find the way out).

(in a bloody mood:)
Fever Pitch Red Sox, because they're bloody?

The Interpreter The bath where the guy committed suicide looked pretty bloody.

Miss Congeniality 2 I wonder why her nose didn't bleed when the girl cop hit her with her head.

The Upside of Anger There sure was a lot of blood on the walls when the guy's head blew up.
(end of bloody mood)

Crash The pay off of the "cloak" was pretty cool. I liked that the movie didn't just tell the stories but also showed possible causes for incidents. Great acting! (or directing -whichever)

Mindhunters It's just an excuse for a sequel to Final Destination. The poster looks cooler than the movie. Sometimes the movie is engaging.

Kingdom of Heaven I think it's a good movie, but I was tired and slept through some parts... Orlando Bloom looked surprisingly mature as an actor.

Unleashed It was really enjoyable and will be added to the list of recent cool movies by some (including me. -Shaun of the Dead,Sin City). It reminded me of Sling Blade and The Professional. Most of the time Jet Li's acting was very moving. It makes me want to watch more of his older flicks. Balance wasn't right.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy It was very enjoyable and I didn't want it to end, but I think it would have felt more complete with most of the slapstick cut out. (funny opening)

Madagascar I liked it, but the artistic quality of CGI movies is dropping rapidly.

Cinderella Man So many great elements: cinematography,Russel Crowe's acting,sets & settings,talented director, but - all on auto pilot.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith In movies you have to exaggerate to get the point across... Instant classic.

Kicking & Screaming One man show.

Star Wars #3 I like the mood of this episode. Ewan McGregor is a great actor. I think all 6 episodes could do with a less complex plot. One of the advantages of the story taking place in a galaxy far far away is that you don't need to explain everything.

Bewitched this movie is not worth of Kidman and Ferrel's talents, still amusing.

Land of the Dead interesting and boring at the same time. I guess the pace is too slow for my taste.

The Longest Yard (Missed first 5min, had to leave 5min before end) It's not a movie it's just a party in Hollywood.

Batman Begins I enjoyed it a lot. It's of mixed genres, which is a little confusing. The 4 Batman movies help this prequel to be good.

War of the Worlds "I enjoyed it a lot." Spielberg didn't let Me down by making another engaging film. If you adjust to the logistics and the style, the movie becomes an interesting story of an ordinary man caught in extraordinary circumstances. It kind of reminded me of WW2-period propagandistic war films...

Dark Water I liked acting of J.Reilly (especially) and T.Roth.

Fantastic 4 not for me

The Island the movie was the island for me, but I don't want to go back.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Makes me want to buy a chocolate bar :) It was funny and amusing.

The Wedding Crashers it'a very inconsistent. Seems like a cross of great writing and bad taste. I'd love to hear a commentary track on the DVD.

Sky High To think well of this movie I try to imagine myself a 12-13 year old boy.

Supercross- The Movie There isn't much to like this movie for, but it seems realistic and an interesting for me introduction to the world of motorcross.

Broken Flowers I love it when you trust the director and respect all his choices. This movie has a lot to tell and gives us plenty of time to think about it. I liked the synchronized to music opening credits; short little film about the letter which I always wanted to do myself :) ;The notion of whithering flowers in B.Murrays apartment,colorful characters of "Don's" former lovers;hilarious references to "Lolita"; and the fact that absolutely nothing is completely explained. I'd like to see Kubrick direct this picture as well :)

The Great Raid It was way too long. Still good and stisfying WW2 rescue story.

Murderball That's strange, many people liked it... It's a colorless mix of: accident,disability,buddy,real-time drama and sport- movies -with nice messages.

Hustle & Flow bo-oring.

Red Eye interesting piece of crap

The Brothers Grimm many people wonder what is the plot of the movie... I think the plot is simply a showcase of Brothers Grimm stories, just like Singin' in the Rain was a showcase of unused songs. I'm disappointed with the cinematography and art direction it looked so cheap! What a pity Terry Gilliam didn't get higher budget... I also didn't like that it looked as if it was filmed in a great hurry. Long takes,little regard for mistakes and accidents reminded me of old B movies. Whether it was intentional or not, I still enoyed the movie completely, but I don't think I want to watch it again anytime soon.

A Sound of Thunder infuriating sci-fi extravaganza

A History of Violence i loved it. but it made for an uncomfortable watching. it's more of an opera than a movie, i wasn't ready for it

Good Night, and Good Luck impressive acting by the... main player, whatever his name is.

Jarhead i thought it was about how a big event such as war affects you. loved the imagery and seeming realism.

Walk the Line first movie i fell asleep in- was tired (~20min). Seemed well done but "half full". Deduct the love for Johnny Cash and the movie is average.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire second movie i fell asleep in (~10min). I would enjoy it more had i not been tired. I would not fall asleep had it been exceptional.

Saw 2 the ending was interesting. i would enjoy the movie as much had i come just for the ending. Parts amusing, parts disgusting. (fell asleep for few minutes)

King Kong I wish i didn't see the older version before this. It's hard to judge it after you've already seen 3 versions... I'll say i was completely unimpressed by the New York city recreation and found the computer graphics distracting. I didn't like changes in style using the rugged slow motion. Didn't think that interaction between people and animals was believable... Didn't like the non-resolution of the Jack Black's character and his last phrase: "The beauty killed the beast"- there were plenty of pretty girls in a movie and Naomi Watts didn't establish herself as en exceptional beauty. Unless of course the joke is that King Kong has only known the natives on the island which are presented as unattractive as possible. I wish Kong would smash Black Jack- not because i didn't like him, he just deserved it. It was a very interesting movie, but it won't be memorable to me. The scene with insects was really unsettling, but very entertaining; the dancing routine scene was very important for figuring out how the monkey operates and what to think of him. The third scene I liked was the one on the top of the building. It was breathtaking at moments and very touching at others. Damn!

The Ringer the guy that won the olympics at the end was hilarious,italian-looking one was too. The rest including Knoxville weren't all that consistently funny and/or believable. I liked the unomfortable moments- not often you see those in movies (Stuck on You another example).

Munich It seemed a little too long, but I enjoyed the (slow) ending. Reminded me of Battle for Algiers,Traffic,Schindler's List,(One day in September). I liked the recreation of the 70's with streets & costumes. Liked the acting of the main character. I was confused at many moments... (who is who and where). It's a message movie about "fruitlessness" of terrorism (i think).

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Date:February 25th, 2007 04:13 am (UTC)

watts is an exceptional beauty

at the risk of stating the obvious--that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder--i would disagree that watts is not an exceptional beauty. but of course the reason jackson hired her over everyone else--when he could get anyone after the rings--was because he knew after mulholland dr & 21grams that she could do anything, including opposite a blue screen. (since fay wray was a brunette & did not even do her own screaming, he could have used brunettes as well.)