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I rate films. 2007 (94) - peace_dish

Sep. 13th, 2010 10:21 pm I rate films. 2007 (94)

dec 30
like orange
Sweeney Todd
like blood
The Kite Runner
like sand
The Golden Compass
like cereal
Walk Hard
like hot dog
Charlie Wilson's War
like coffee
dec 28
The Kingdom
"We will kill them all"
Lars and the Real Girl
it has moments of greatness.
Aliens vs. Predator
Waste vs. Time
The Mist
Colorful horror. Bland ending.
We Own the Night
"I love you very much". This is the second film i saw today where i watch and wonder- "what is this about, exactly?" and then, again, at the end the key phrase comes "I love you very much". "Oh, I see" i say.
Elizabeth. The Golden Age
it feels like a computer game for some reason, can't say the acting isn't good..
dec 27
Mr. Magorium's Magic Emporium
Mr. Magorium's Insignificant Imporium
Into the Wild
Into the Long.
dec 22
i don't know why i watched this
i watched this because i thought it would be a well acted love mystery and it was. only slightly too long.
Resident Evil 3
i watched this because i liked the original a great deal and was hoping that it would not be as bad as the sequel. and it wasn't.
Gone Baby Gone
i watched this because i read good reviews and i have respect for Ben Affleck. even more respect now. great performances and intimate directing. the resolution is disappointing though.
Across the Universe
i watched this because i knew that Julie Taymor would deliver a visionary and unique film and she did. Although with a little help from her friends. "I want you so bad" set piece was really impressive, though.
dec 16
Before the Devil Knows You're Dead
robbery and rage
I Am Legend
butterflies and bacon
music and misery
dec 13
No Country for Old Men
here's another The Big Sleep in coolness and confusion. perhaps confusion is from not understanding 20% of dialog due to my foreigness. a ballsy ending,colorful characters and ingenious set pieces.
nov 10
The Darjeeling Limited
a road trip on a road trip (Billings, MT)
nov 8
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
almost too beautiful even for a western.
Michael Clayton
redeemed by the message
3:10 to Yuma
(haven't seen the original) it has characters with surprising and sometimes admirable traits.
American Gangster
a well told root-for-no-one story. Reminded me of great film Prince of the City.
oct 12
Eastern Promises
"we don't kill babies"
"i love you"
sep 20
Rush Hour 3
as good as Rush Hour's 1 deleted scenes (Jackie Chan is a darling)
Mr. Bean's Holiday
as good as a stretched Mr. Bean show (Willem Dafoe was cool)
Shoot 'em Up
as good as Snatch (really clever but purposeless)
as good as it gets (live action fantasy in the spirit of Miyazaki)
The Bourne Ultimatum
as good as the original and the sequel combined (non-stop action-smaction)
aug 21
otherworldlly soap opera
robot art exhibition
july 30
Rescue Dawn
like watching a soccer game
like watching boxing
july 28
The Simpsons Movie
like eating an ice cream
Harry Potter and the Phoenix and stuff
like eating fried rice
july 8
Live Free or Die Hard
watch for Free or regret Hard (unless you're at a drive-in!)
july 3
..otos/mt053620H1.jpg"> Ratatuille..detail/stars-4-5.gif">
Surf's Up
A Mighty Heart
june 26
Mr. Brooks
controversy is the driving force here. escapism into murder.

I recommend it because it's harmless.
Pirates of the Caribbean 3
i have an issue with an expensive blockbuster that sounds like a book on tape. colorful.
Ocean's 13
whereas third installments to Spider Man, Shrek and Pirates of the Caribbean are disappointments, this is not. a fantasy caper.
june 5:
Shrek 3
thought-provoking,well acted,disturbing,confusing
Knocked Up
28 Weeks Later
may 10:
Nomad (the warrior)
ridiculously ambitious epic with a gospel theme
ridiculously fictional adventure with ever-young N.Cage
ridiculously clever revenge plot with ridiculously sinister plotter
Spider-Man 3
ridiculously expensive soap opera with edge-of-your-armrest action.
ridiculously inexpensive horror adventure with unpredictible thrills
may 6:
The Wind that Shakes the Barley
my expectations were greater than the experience maybe that's why the experience was lesser than the expectations.
(i also couldn't understand 33% of the dialog)
may 3:
kiss kiss kill kill
The Hoax
laugh laugh cry cry
Hot Fuzz
laugh laugh kill kill
Meet the Robinsons (3D)
invent invent fly fly
apr 11:
popcorn junk
The Lookout
independent vision
Blades of Glory
silly laughs
The Last Mimzy
children escapism

apr 6:
Planet Terror- -"funny & clever"
Death Proof- -"clever & funny"
If you have a special stomach for movies' gore & violence this is the movie to fill it with.
All-natural, healthy food, will sweeten your sweet tooth, will nourish your thought and will cure your boredom! I'm embarassed to admit how much fun I had.

mar 17:
Black Snake Moan
it is hard to like. it seems like an unfinished film with many good beginnings. it's like the filmmaker was forced to cut his 10 hour version of the movie down to 2 hours. I like how Roger Ebert described C.Ricci's performance- "Her work defines the boundaries of the thankless". (i think those are fake boobs)
Dead Silence
the twist ending didn't make the movie ok.
300 against 1 million. Beautiful imagery, though at times it makes you think of the warriors as "war factory" workers on a tedious "disassembly" line. It would have been an even more awesome premise if it was One against One Million.
Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon
It's as good as "Scream". It makes fun of the genre though in a loving way. The first half also sets you up for a New appreciation of the genre (horror) then, when you're well prepared and ready to "listen" to the filmmakers it gives you your candy.
Bridge to Terabithia
it was very BAD (very Beautiful and sAD).
mar 11:
Reno 911: Miami

it seems that the director doesn't want you to miss any piece of information but there's so many conversations going on constantly... i might have enjoyed this more on dvd. Knowing that D.Fincher is a great visual director I kept waiting for the amazing shots of his, but they are about 30minutes apart in here.

Ghost Rider
i thought quick opening sequence was interesting. the movie i think will only appeal to the reader of the comic book on which it's based.

C.Cooper was great. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets another Oscar for it. The movie could not possibly be an intelligent person's waste of time.

The Last King of Scotland
I was tired and anxious to go home. It could have been a good Morning movie for me. F.Whitaker is scary, but usually he's a teddy bear!
feb 8:
Stomp The Yard
it has all the ingredients needed for an average film.
Curse of the Golden Flower
magnificent soap opera plus an impressive battle scene
Pan's Labyrinth
Life is Beautiful meets Tideland.
The Epic Movie
just like watching TV on a very big screen
..lg.jpg">The Smokin' Aces
This one was infinitely better than Epic Movie, what a treat. The ending was not great though (I noticed that the end title card rolls up exactly like in Pulp Fiction. It did remind me of a Tarantino film in the way that writer/director J.Carnahan created these colorful and unforgettable characters, but it feels like he just plays with them like puppets rather than simply letting them loose & do their own thing. Maybe they ARE doing what they're suppose to but J.C. never introduced them to us well enough to really understand them. I'm just being too picky because i loved it. The Ben Affleck scene is one for the books.

jan 23:

The Letters from Iwo Jima
I like it better After it's over which is unfortunate. Why can't I enjoy this movie while I watch it? Maybe after it's over you forget the little annoying things like How did they know someone did this or that? Said this or that? what's true, what's not. If this was fiction I'd be more relaxed. I didn't like the score and I wish the movie was shorter. I'm surprised it was nominated for Best Picture Oscar over its companion piece Flags of Our Fathers. FOUF is a better picture.

Arthur and the Invisibles
I fell asleep. David Bowie's voice woke me up, but not for long. I'm just an ever-tired bed potato.

Notes on a Scandal
Great acting by B.Nighy and J.Dench.
I'll be going to movie theaters less, because the classics I have at home are infinitely better than most of the modern output.

Dream Girls
don't know what all the hype is about...
jan 11:

In Pursuit of Happyness
This was a story of an annoyingly unlucky guy with annoyingly happy ending. Good acting though (except T.Newton). it sure is an inspiring story if you're also unlucky.

Black Christmas
promising beginning. Reminded me of Seed of Chucky, it also started well and then less-creative people took over.

Happily N'Ever After
there's always 1 movie that puts me to sleep (for few minutes). S.Weaver's character looked surprisingly sexy. I thought the movie was unoriginal and dull.

Rocky "6"
The dialog is simple, but very appropriate for the characters. I loved it in the previous Rocky versions also. I liked very much that S.Stallone didn't try to make a big follow up to the first Rocky movie like all 4 previous versions were trying to be (and didn't succeed). This is a great companion piece to the original movie. (i liked the use of b&w for when Paulie got "fired" from his job,red blood on b&w during the fight looked pretty interesting also...)

Children of Men
I don't know how they did some of the things in this movie- very impressive. Maybe a couple too many deaths but the show of violence is for the most part very well justified. It contrasts beautifully with compassion and love that movie's characters are also shown to have. (I wish they would explain though why everyone in the world simultaneously became infertile.) C.Owen is good as always.

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