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peace_dish's Journal


my short videos

List by Date, Titanic Returns

"peace_dish" in Russian means- "you're_fucking_lying"

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171, 1979, 651, @-)---, akira kurosawa, alien, allmovie.com, attention, being healthy, being naked, being warm, being warm&_healthy&_naked, biking, bonfire, brutal honesty, bus transfers, buster keaton, cabiria, charlie chaplin, checking email, cherry, chess, clean air, clear water, commentary tracks, criterion collection, david bowie, david holmes, day before birthday, december 30 & 31, depeche mode, desert, dissolves, dogs, dreams, dried fish, dvd's, editing, endurance, erotic dreams, feeding, feeding birds, feeding fish, finding money, flying, forest, full moon, gambling, gene wilder's voice, half.com, honesty, honey, hot bath, hug a cop, ice cream, ingmar bergman, internet, it's_impossible_to_offend_me, jackie chan, jean-luc godard, john frankenheimer, kolibri, kraftwerk, krym, kvas, laugh, lemon & sugar, love, m., march 1, martin scorsese, mineral water, moviemaking, mrqe.com, mushroom gathering, music videos, new year, non-smoking girls, ocean, oscars, pam grier's voice, patience, pets, play & no work, plombir, polar star, pomegranate juice, punctuality, quentin tarantino, r(u)s(s)i(a), rain, red caviar, russian, rye, sand beach, sauna, seaweed, shipwrecks, sleeping, snap case, snow skiing, space, speeding unpunished, split screen, st. paul, star trek, storyboarding, strawberry preserves, sunrise, sunset, swimming, swimming underwater, takeshi kitano, techno, the chemical brothers, the color red, the prodigy, tomato juice, travel, trees, twin cities, unreal tournament, werner herzog, werner herzog's accent, westbam, woody allen, ya so sy, your face, Кузя, Хмельницкий